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Small tropical country in size but huge in biodiversity, Panama offers the visitor an incredible and exuberant natural variety. An abundant vegetation and colorful variety of animals, gives you the opportunity to experience countryside vitality and the abundant Panamanian tropic.  The ecologic richness is inherent of what lives in this biological bridge of numerous species which move between North and South America, since three million years ago.  The great biodiversity that Panama offers is what propelled the Smithsonian Institute of the United States to establish in the country the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), operating since 1923.  The contact with nature in this tropical paradise is a gratifying experience to whoever visits this country, which has destined more than 30% of the national territory to natural reserves.

The geologic history of Panama is relatively recent. Approximately three million years ago, one narrow earth strip emerged from the sea as a result of tectonic movements and volcanic activity. This new isthmus separated waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, united the continental masses of North America and the South, created the Caribbean Sea and the current of the Gulf, transformed the world-wide climate before warming up the previously frozen coasts of Europe and gave rise to the African savannah. It also gave beginning to a massive interchange of the flora and fauna between north and the south, acting like life bridge that included the passage of the humans who populated all the continent.
Since then, the geographic position of Panama has played a predominantly strategic roll, in all senses. The slim silhouette of the country measures only 80 kilometers in its narrower waist, which allowed the construction of the Panama Canal, at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Even earlier, in the XVI century, Spain had turned Panama into a route of crossing between the seas and into an important commercial center within its empire. Spain transported its wealth by means of boats to the port of Portobelo in the province of Colón. From there, mules and cayucos loaded the merchandise through the isthmus all the way to the City of Panama to distribute to their colonies in the pacific coast of America. That concentration of wealth attracted pirates and privateers like the famous pirate Francis Drake, who attacked Portobelo in 1596 and Henry Morgan who attacked Panamá´s first City and set it afire in 1671.
Motivated by airs of freedom of the neighboring countries, Panama became independent from Spain in the month of November of 1821, to be united to the countries of the Great Colombia, conformed by Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Nevertheless, Panamanian desire to become a free republic managed to come through and Panama was separated from Colombia in the third day of November in 1903.
In 1904 began the construction of the Panama Canal, considered the eighth wonder of the world. This work defined the vocation of the territory as a crossing site and interchange. Today, Panama is one of the most developed countries in Central America, and with greatest economic and tourist development in all of America.
With a healthy and effective democratic system, it is considered a very safe and prosperous country. Its service based economy, mainly in the tourism industry, the Panama Canal and the International Banking Center make it a highly successful country. It offers first world facilities like International Call Centers, modern shopping Malls and excellent professionals and technicians.


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