Truths behind some of the world’s great wonders by JHENI OSMAN· 20 February 2018 lonelyplanet.com Ever visit an incredible site in some exotic land and wonder how it was built?...
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When to travel to Egypt

Egyptian summers are hot and dry in most of the country and humid in the Delta and along the Mediterranean Coast. Winters are generally mild, usually bright, with sunny days...
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o montanade fuego

Two oceans, Rainforests, volcanoes and a new smile? What’s your Costa Rican vacation going to include?

Did you know Costa Rica ranks amongst the top 10 countries for Medical Tourism? According to a May 14 , 2018 report, published by Gulf Bussiness, “The Medical Tourism Index...
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o Glories of Turkey intro

Turkey the European Capital of Culture

Istanbul maintains a distinguished position among the metropolis of the world with its unique geographical location and a cultural heritage of thousands of years. As one of the most energetic...
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Top Honeymoon Locations

In Central AmericaRomancing the Rainforest , Costa Rica Heavenly hotels are opening in Costa Rica with the honeymooner in mind. Tucked up in the northwest corridor of Costa Rica and...
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tips on tipping

Tips on tipping!

Tipping sometimes leaves us in that ackward position of not knowing exactly what to do. Many of us would be thankful for some good solid tips on tipping so when...
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role tour guide eeffa

The thrifty tourist guide for bargain souvenirs in Costa Rica

Don’t get stuck buying overpriced souvenirs at the San Jose International Airport at the last minute. Follow these tips and collect unique souvenirs at bargain prices before heading to the...
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The ABC’s of South America

The most famous and fabulous cities of the two biggest and best known countries of South America and the Cataratas (as locals call the Falls) that comes between them, the...
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suriname  o

Suriname Off the Beaten Path Destination of Nature & Culture

Suriname is a small Dutch speaking country on the Northern coast of South America, part of the Amazonian basin. With a total land area of 166,000 square kilometers and population...
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depositphotos  stock illustration celebrating  years anniversary golden

Sunny Land Tours Inc is celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

Sunny Land Tours Inc is celebrating its 50th Anniversary! Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I would like to share with you the biography of the...
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o essence cuba

Say Hello to Havana Cuba!

It’s an exciting time to visit Cuba, after a span of more than 50 years, commercial air service by U.S. Air carriers have finally resumed bringing this Island nation into...
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Queen Nefertari

Behind every great man there is a great woman. This saying couldn’t be more true than in the case of Ramses the Great and Queen Nefertari. She was cherished equally...
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o Panamacity

Panama Perfect!

Come feel the pulse of Panama City’s rapidly changing skyline, vibrant culture, pristine beaches, tropical forests and of course the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal is Panama’s most popular tourist...
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o tabacon

Ode to Costa Rica

Ode to Costa Rica 9 exciting days and 8 soothing nights full of culture and adventure Blessed by Mother Nature’s light Through the clouds of coffee fields to reach the...
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elie sidwani

Mr. Elie Sidawi and Sunny Land Tours in news

1.  War and Peace in the Middle East: Elie Sidawi of Sunny Land Tours. 2. An Interview with Elie Sidawi, Chairman and CEO of Sunny Land Tours | TravelResearchOnline  ...
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Home to the worlds tallest building!

Dubai – home to the worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and indoor skiing at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai is a must see. Dubai, spelled out really should...
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Greece Eat Like a Local!

in Athens, there is a suberb variety of international and typical Greek food. Your stay would not be complete without sampling the tradional Greek cuisine. Appetizers, accompanied by a glass...
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o MS Crocodilo Pool Deck Sunny Land Tours Egypt Nile Cruise

Experience Nile River Cruising

45 years ago, Sunny Land Tours was the first US tour company to introduce a US built Nile Cruise vessel, to meet the criteria of western standards while discoverying the...
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EgyptHotDeals.com vacation packages feature the Temples of Abu Simbel in their itineraries...
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costa rica volcano

Do you know these important facts about Costa Rica?

Do you know about Costa Rica’s Little Dry Season or Indian Summer? It’s called El Veranillo de San Juan and it is a weather phenomenon, interrupting the green season (rainy...
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Croatia pula

Cultural Tourism

If you love the Mediterranean but are tired of the crowds, it’s time to visit Croatia. While it’s gaining in popularity, peak vacation periods are not nearly as frenetic as...
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Belize Natural Tresures

Belize is a natural treasure. Within a reasonable distance from Belize City, you can enjoy secluded idyllic beaches, dense jungle habitats or Maya Ruins. Belize , whose jungle is as...
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Arenal Volcano by Night with Tabacon Hot Springs

The Arenal Volcano with Tabacon Hot Springs tour is one of the most popular tours in Costa Rica...
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ThingstoDoinCostaRica RioCelesteWaterfall

3 things you must do in Costa Rica

There are just over 800 species of birds in Costa Rica and about an equal number of tours and attractions visitors need to browse through in planning  a great vacation...
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3 foods you must try in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans have a very healthy diet. Breakfasts are always hearty, lunch is always a well balanced plate and dinner usually the lightest meal of the day...
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