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Did you know Costa Rica ranks amongst the top 10 countries for Medical Tourism?

According to a May 14 , 2018 report, published by Gulf Bussiness, "The Medical Tourism Index (MTI), developed by the International Healthcare Research Centre and Medical Tourism Association, measured the attractiveness of a destination or a country based on three key dimensions including its environment, medical tourism industry, facility and service" and Costa Rica ranked # 5.
It is no surprise, dental and medical treatments are a fraction of the costs here in the U.S.

Why not allocate just a day or two of your vacation to take care of your dental needs and save so much money that it more than pays for your trip?

Look at this sample list of common dental treatments and the approximate costs of these treatments in Costa Rica:

> Popular dental deals
> Consultation  $70
> Dental Cleaning $70
> Options for crowns
> Metal fused crowns $350
> All Porcelain or Zirconium Crowns $450
> Teeth Whitening with laser $350
> Common procedures
> Surgical placement of a dental implant $850
> Crown over dental $850
> Sinus lifting $1300
> Periodontal gum surgery with laser $350
> Dental fillings with laser $70
> Invisalign or clear braces $5500

Plan your trip flying into San Jose with several nights in a top area hotel, like the Barcelo San Jose Palacio Hotel, close to where you'll see your dentist, next head out for some adventure to Costa Rica's rainforest and beaches!  
Prices shown for dental services in this blog are based on current prices as of May 2015 by highly acclaimed professionals in their field at one of Costa Rica's top medical facilities.

Costa Rica Vacation Packages

While Costa Rica's small size may be deceiving, you'll find this country to be the little giant of great vacation experiences! Much like a butterfly, Costa Rica has morphed over the last 3 decades into one of the world's top travel spots. Starting with its natural beauty that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from mountains to valleys, rainforests and jungles, Costa Rica is an ecological paradise second only to its warm congenial people we call, Ticos. Sunny Land has been serving travelers to Costa Rica well before its tourism boom and knows firsthand the best selections to make a trip here, the best trip of your life. Our roots and relations in Costa Rica can enhance your trip from your first call or online chat.

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