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Ode to Costa Rica

Ode to Costa Rica
9 exciting days and 8 soothing nights full of culture and adventure
Blessed by Mother Nature’s light
Through the clouds of coffee fields to reach the rich rain forest
The sounds of which are alive and before us
We explored, we had fun and we soaked well and good in the hot thermal waters where Arenal stood
Even the clouds pushed away so we could see the volcano that day
Driving up in the mountains on roads windy and steep we saw the Pacific Ocean in the horizon far and deep
A little late we did arrive stopping for monkeys and toucans in natural stride
Up in the village, we learned a little more about hummingbirds and butterflies and oh yes… How to zip through the canopy to the forest floor
Winding down, we made our way to the beach
Traveling on a ferry in order to reach that night, with a cool coconut drink in hand
They made a bonfire for us, right on the sand
And on our last night, we were read this story
Which was written for you and recited by Lori
If your travels have not brought you here before
Let this poem pave the way and open the door
Welcome to Costa Rica
A country rich and sound
Full of marvelous adventures easily found

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