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Tipping sometimes leaves us in that ackward position of not knowing exactly what to do. Many of us would be thankful for some good solid tips on tipping so when the moment presents itself it's stress free and yes, satisfying too. Tipping amounts of course are highly reflective of where you are. Here's some good advice on tipping in Costa Rica. In bars and restaurants a 10% tip to your server is added along with 13 % sales tax in 90% of restaurants and bars in Costa Rica. 


Look at your bill to check it's included. It will say IVI (which stands for Impuestos de Ventas incluido, which in English means sales tax included), above this amount you will find a charge equal to 10% of your bill labeled Servicio (service or tip). In hotels bellboys usually recieve $1 a bag and that holds true for airport porters as well. Chambermaids are happy with a $1 or $2 on the bed each day.
Let's discuss tipping to guides on tours in Costa Rica. Depending on the tour you may have one specialist guide with you and a driver or you may be on a tour with a whole crew of guides (which is the case on rafting trips snd canopy tours snd zip lines) either way chance are you will be thrilled by the guides in Costa Rica. Without a doubt, they are amongst the finest professional naturalist guides in the world!
That's why in the case of Costa Rican guides, tipping is more of a significantly personal consideration because many travelers feel an immense appreciation for their performance and it's contribution to the guests overall experience.

Deserving guides are tipped usually at least $5 per person on half day tours snd $10 per person on full day tours. On tours with crews of guides attending you, like white water rafting tours, there is always a tip box, and they share the tips. Oh yes, always save $1 or $2 (if not more) for the driver. You'll see why tipping the driver is well deserved when you experience the roads in Costa Rica!

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While Costa Rica's small size may be deceiving, you'll find this country to be the little giant of great vacation experiences! Much like a butterfly, Costa Rica has morphed over the last 3 decades into one of the world's top travel spots. Starting with its natural beauty that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from mountains to valleys, rainforests and jungles, Costa Rica is an ecological paradise second only to its warm congenial people we call, Ticos. Sunny Land has been serving travelers to Costa Rica well before its tourism boom and knows firsthand the best selections to make a trip here, the best trip of your life. Our roots and relations in Costa Rica can enhance your trip from your first call or online chat.

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