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The thrifty tourist guide for bargain souvenirs in Costa Rica

Don’t get stuck buying overpriced souvenirs at the San Jose International Airport at the last minute.

Follow these tips and collect unique souvenirs at bargain prices before heading to the airport.

Everyone wants to bring home some Costa Rican coffee. With airport prices at a minimum of $8.95 for less than a 1 lb bag, stopping by any local supermarket will help you save big!

Look for Cafe Rey, Sanchez and Cafe 1820. You probably won’t pay more than $5 for a 1 lb bag. There are 4 major supermarket chains in Costa Rica so buying your coffee at the right one will increase your savings.

Of them, Pali Supermarket generally has the lowest prices, even better than Walmart. (Yes, Walmart is in Costa Rica!)

Did you know Costa Rica is home to a variety of stingless native bees that produce a medicinal quality honey, that isn’t sold in the U.S. but can be purchased at Costa Rica‘s leading pharmacy chain called Fischel Pharmacy.

Look for the brand Miel de Mariola and it’s bright yellow fabric tops on these little honey jars sold for less than $10. The honey is used in a variety of ways for different benefits from healing burns snd cuts to alleviating the effects of surfers eye. This is a really unique and useful souvenir!

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