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Starting from the border shared by Mexico and Belize, all the way to the frontier between Panama and Columbia, Central America is a treasure chest of 7 countries super rich in culture, archeology, natural beauty beyond words and friendly people. Look at Costa Rica, said to be home to the happiest people on earth! From the visitor's perspective, there is a rhythm in the lifestyle here that's envious. Central America inspires visitors to return again and again to discover and explore and inevitably enhance the health and harmony of our own lives. Our Central America Vacation packages highlight this regions natural and cultural diversity.
Let us share the secret jewels of South America with you: We feature 6 of our favorite jewels from this vast continent: Brazil, Ecuador and its enchanted Galapagos Islands, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Discover a journey were culture, history, and biodiversity merge together providing the perfect backdrop of a wild and magical vacation.


Package Name



Starting from


Discover Galapagos Highlands

8 Days

Daily - Dec 2020



Basic Galapagos

7 Days

Daily Dec - 2020



Explore Galapagos

8 Days

Daily - Dec 2020



Guatemala Discovery

5 Days

Weekly - Dec 2020

Guatemala City


 Best of Nicaragua 5 Days Daily - Dec 2020 Managua $599
Panama Classic  7 Days Daily - Dec 2020 Panama $1299
Peru Inca Hopper 9 Days April 24, 2020 Lima $1299
Peru Super Saver with Machu Picchu 5 Days Daily - Dec 2020 Lima $449
 Peru Express  7 Days Daily - Dec 2020 Lima $749
 Magical Peru 7 Days Daily - Dec 2020 Lima $1199
Suriname Discovery 8 Days Daily - Dec 2020 Paramaribo $599
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